Privacy Policy

A Quick Summary of Our Privacy Policy

What is our privacy policy?

We respect your privacy on this website and do not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone for any purpose. We keep your personal information intact in our business records unless needed for business, tax or legal purposes. With use, your information is completely safe encryption or other up to the marks security controls. Below is the list of information that we collect-

Account information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or the information that you have entered at the time of registration. We also collect service related details including payment data, security codes, service history and other information to improve your experience as a user.

Information based on network performance and usage that tells us about the way you use our networks, products, and services. It also gives us an idea about the performance of our networks and equipment.

We also collect the location of your information to track your location, Zip-code and street address.

The watching information gives us an idea your behavior on how you use our video services and applications. We collect this information in three main ways-

How we use the information we gather?

Whom we share your personal information?

Below is the list of when and whom we share your personally identifiable information to assist you with the best customer experience and services.

What is A Personal Information?

Includes information that identifies or reasonably that can be used to identify you to prevent the identity theft.

What is Anonymous Information?

An information that can not be used to identify you.

What is Aggregate Information?

The information from the different users grouped into categories on various parameters.

How do we use this information?

We use and share this information in many ways including research, analysis, retail marketing, and Relevant Advertising. This data is also included in External Marketing & Analytics Reports.

What is our online privacy policy for children?

We don't collect personally identifiable information of the children below an age of 13 without a prior permission of their parent or legal guardian.